Osiligi Charity Project

Kidz Enterprise are delighted to sponsor children as part of the Osiligi Charity Projects which gives our children an understanding of other cultures and how hard it is for Maasai Children. Osiligi Charity Project is a UK charity working in the Maasai areas of Kenya helping families out of poverty through education, health and local clean water and by assisting people to become more economically active. Helping Kenya and Africa help itself is their main main objective.

Osiligi - the Maasai word for 'hope' - is the Charity's objective of providing hope to this community.

We have previously been delighted to sponsor Brian who we regularly wrote to and received letters back from him. Brian has now left the Osiligi Obaya School and has started his secondary education.

As part of our sponsorship we now sponsor Ezekial who attends the Osiligi Obaya School. Ezekiel is a happy and healthy boy, he is polite and doesn't talk most of the time. It took a long time to adapt to the school environment. His mother used to bring him to school everyday and he would cry following his mother. After a few weeks he got used to the school environment and as for now is happy. Ezekial now relates well with other in class and when not at school is at home looking after the sheep.

Due to Ezekial's age the children at Kidz Enterprise will regularly keeps in contact with him for many years sending him letters and cards and asking questions about his life in Kenya.