Osiligi Charity Project

Kidz Enterprise are delighted to sponsor Brian Sane as part of the Osiligi Charity Projects. A UK charity working in the Maasai areas of Kenya helping families out of poverty through education, health and local clean water and by assisting people to become more economically active. Helping Kenya and Africa help itself is our main objective.

Osiligi – the Maasai word for ‘hope’ – is the Charity’s objective of providing hope to this community.

Brian attends the Osiligi Obaya School and is in Class A. Brian is quite slow in everything he does except numbers. His sister is called Vaery Napeit in Class B and she too has some issues especially with her eyesight. Brian can do work academically but he is very slow and he never finishes the work or the exams. He also never finishes his homework. He comes though in the middle of the class. He is good at maths though and is always in the top few in Maths. He is mostly good in class!

The children at Kidz Enterprise regularly keeps in contact with Brian sending him letters and cards and asking questions about his life in Kenya. Brian always replies talling us about his life in Kenya.