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October 2013
I'm really pleased to introduce this school year's Kidz Club Council. Since the start of term the council has met twice. Our first meeting was an introduction meeting welcoming the children and discussing what they felt that the council should be doing. The children decided that they would like to meet on a fortnightly basis. During the meeting's the children decided that they would like to discuss the following: Safety, Food & Drink, Activities, Surroundings, Budget Decisions, Opportunities to make new friends and Views of Adults. Each meeting will have an update from the previous meeting.

Our first main meeting was on the 14th October. The focus of the meeting was safety. The children all said that they felt safe when attending Kidz Enterprise and understood how we keep them safe. Some of the older council members had completed a spider diagram to help them think about safety at the club and discussed the points with the group. The points raised were very relevant to how the children had viewed safety with relevant actions being raised with all the children & staff that attend our club. During our next meeting the council have decided that they would like to focus on food & drink. Some of the council members have been asked to create a new menu for the breakfast & after school club which is now available on our website.

Derek Beesley (Director of Childcare)

Autumn Term 2012/2013
I'm happy to say that we have appointed new members to represent the Kidz Club Council for this school year. This school year one child from each year group has been selected as a representative. The club council meetings will be an opportunity for the representatives to suggest ideas for their club. So far during our meetings we have discussed a variety of ideas and had discussions to make decisions with regards to deciding what toys the club need to buy and went and brought them, the organisation of what to do for children in need and discussing what type of foods to have at the Christmas disco.
Nicky Freddino (Playwork supervisor)

From the Kidz Club Council:
Hi I am in the Kidz Club Council and during our first meeting I suggested that we hand out a teddy bear. Then a week later kidz Enterprise introduced a teddy bear to the group called Kenny. As I suggested the idea I was the first person to take Kenny home over the weekend where we ate lots of chocolate.
Year 5 Representative

During the afterschool club Nicky took us to Argos in his car as we were going to buy some toys for the rest of the Kidz Club. When we got to Argos we had to read our paper and put the catalogue numbers into the machine to check they had the toys, some codes didn't match so we had to write them on the paper and take it to the lady at the counter. Once we paid for the toys the lady gave us our receipt and we had to wait for the television screen to call our number. When we got the toys we put them in the boot of the car and went back to afterschool club and opened the toys, everybody enjoyed them. Some of the toys that we got included a dart board, dolls and Guess who?
Year 4 Representative
I'm delighted to introduce this term's council or as the children have decided that they would be like to be called the "Kidz Club Council".

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